Por María Murillo

We live in a limitless Universe that expands continuously with a perfection at times so evident, that we are not conscious of it.

If you are observant, everything follows a perfect rhythm. The gestation period and birth of a new being, the human body and everything within it, animals and their nature, planets, light and darkness…

Life, apparently in chaos, follows a barely perceptible rhythm that allows me, you, and everything that exists, to fulfill a unique life purpose.

But, how do you discover it? How do you identify that which you have been called for? By simply recognizing who you are. By becoming conscious of yourself, your divine nature, and looking towards your interior to define your wishes, you will feel what you truly have a strong affinity towards.

If you truly identify what your internal and external resources are, your talents abilities and the gifts with which you were born, it will be easier for you to identify that unique purpose, as recognizing these will give you key hints to get closer and closer to it.

Your resources then become, “your team”. After clearly identifying them, think for a moment: How or with whom am I going to use this talent? Why was I given this gift? Who will benefit by developing this skill even more?

The answers will guide you more and more towards that place you want to get to.

CHOOSE! Yes, choose that which EMPASSIONS you most, that which fascinates you to do, practice, or create, because the PASSION that comes with doing it will be so strong and powerful that you will feel great inner strength for having shared it. You will feel a strong enthusiasm and commitment for offering it to others, for impacting others, and in doing so you will fill yourself and them with enjoyment, happiness, and as a result, success will come!

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