Aligned or misaligned?

Emotions are your compass

By María Murillo

 You have been created with absolute perfection, making you a unique, unrepeatable being, full of unlimited capacity to design and redesign your life, to invent and reinvent yourself over and over again.

But, what is that which takes you farther, or close, to the true BEING that you are? Experiences, and above all, the emotions that these experiences provoke. Emotions are your COMPASS for you to recognize how aligned or unaligned you are with your BEING.

Emotions become your best indicator to your closeness to your own true essence.

When the emotions you experience are positive: joy, peace, happiness, gratitude, love, compassion, enthusiasm, strength, forgiveness… you are aligned with your BEING. If the emotions you experience are negative: sadness, pain, frustration, discontent, impotence, hate, abandon, revenge… you are unaligned with your BEING.

When something affects you and you experience a negative emotion, you experience CONTRAST, the same thing that gives you clarity about what you want. For instance, when you see yourself lost, you immediately know that what you want is to find the way; when you try a mouthful from a bowl of cold soup, you automatically want to heat it up. The same thing happens every moment you live a negative emotion. It is worth living it, because by doing so you experience the contrast of what you do what and that in and of itself originates a new and true wish.

However, it is YOUR DECISION to move towards a better emotion so that you don’t stay stuck with something negative. How? By finding a reason to feel better, a thought, a situation, a sound, an image, anything that you know will make you feel better and better and better.

And like that, feeling better, you will be more aligned with your true SELF, with that essence that doesn’t forget that you’ve come only and exclusively to be happy, to enjoy, to create, to expand and to flow within life and everything it has to offer.