Carolina Chiu – IT Engineer

I was in my office at lunch time reading a magazine, when I found an interview with Maria. Her description of what a Coach is really got my attention, so I didn’t waste any time; I wrote her information down and contacted her for an initial interview.

I wanted to know how she changed her profession to something as inspiring as Coaching, because I wanted to do something similar. At the same time, I wanted her support, to guide my steps towards my own professional changes.

I was in a very stressful time, because I felt trapped in a profession that had given me many benefits, but at the same time didn’t inspire me to express my own talents to the fullest.

Maria took me through an ordered process to check all the areas in my life, and not just my professional aspirations. She allowed me to be conscious of all the aspects that I had to work on personally and improve on them. She empowered me and made me remember that I am the one who has the power of choice and take reins of my own destiny.

When I experienced the benefits of Coaching personally, through a Coach that saw in me all my potential and possibilities for growth, I decided to follow her steps. During the process I learned of ways to get to know myself more, as well as my weaknesses, strengths and limiting beliefs, which helped me begin a paradigm shift, and start acting in a different way.

I’m currently prepared to be a Coach and continue to prepare myself to start my new vocation in a concrete way. I feel safe, and thank Maria for the intervention she had in my life.