Lucero Rojas – Actress, Psychologist and Free-Spirit-in-Training

Maria, my mind tells me that I should write you a thank you letter so that you can truly feel what this coaching process meant to me. The state of contemplation that I find myself being in more and more often, makes me feel that words aren’t enough to express what’s happened within me: one must live, and Maria: I’m doing it!

I live a peace that allows me to stand on my own greatness and be an impressive creator… really Maria! I’ve developed a creative conscience to the point that it’s sometimes scary!

I connect with myself and understand my emotions very easily now… I am convinced, more than anything else, that I am on a path to enlightenment.

The journey has become amazing… each time I’m less worried about where I’ll get to, as I’m committed to enjoy the journey. I feel at peace, even in my not-so-sane moments I can be an observer. Emotions don’t get to me anymore, if you know what I mean… I’m transparent! I am everything and I love myself very much, and this grows.

The process I had with you taught me how fundamental each aspect of the human experience is in life. Having a guide, someone who helps you understand and transform… for me it was clear and amazing…I remember a session we had in a terrace where I had 15,000 truths come at me, all at once… I left with a lot of energy and motivated to make some lasting positive changes in my life and take control.

Every day, my feelings and my aspirations are my priorities. To focus and hear my inner wisdom is a practice that you helped me develop Maria, and there I’ve found my answers. Thank you Maria! We are in this together, as you are my guide in all of this!

You’ll see what I have in store for myself!