Nicholas Wolda, President – The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau

I really never understood Life Coaching as a concept, maybe in part because as an business executive, I have achieved success. But life is much more than being a success in superficial symbols, and much deeper peace and satisfaction await if you want. In the U.S.A., we have a concept about psychiatrists, counselors, and even pastors. All help in various paths in life, but a Life Coach is a special art and science combined, a special focus, to help you reach a higher level of success and peace in life, and it’s quicker than a person might think. In today’s modern culture of 2015, it’s easy to get addicted to all kinds of dangerous paths when success is not realized, but in the end is not healthy, and certainly not the life designed for us. The beauty of life coaching is that you come to your own realization of improvement through Maria’s intuitive listening skills, non-verbal observations, and her mental processes. In the end, Maria helps you arrive to where you want to be, to feel the peace in life, which is only one. I highly encourage, and recommend, Maria Murillo Life Coaching to anyone going through struggles and having a true desire to be the best how God has made them.