Rocío Olivera – Recursos Humanos

I was going through a very difficult time in my life, I had quit my job as I was dealing with many accumulated emotions, among them a great dislike towards what I did daily, I felt a huge discomfort towards all the people I was supposed to tend to, nothing made me feel happy or fun as it used to. During my professional experience of over 18 years in the Human Resources field, the passion had died down and along this, I felt very guilty with these feelings.
There is also this sensation of unhappiness that spread in my personal life, as I had pulled away from my life partner, something I didn’t even realize, and was also completely isolated from my family and friends because I wanted to see nobody.

This bad emotional control led me to have intense panic attacks, and I had to spend some time in the hospital, and more at home recovering.

It was then that I sought help, I tried psychologists, alternative medicine and other options until in my personal search I found María. I had heard a bit about the process so I decided to take this journey of self-discovery guided by a great professional.

María, with her warm, simple and friendly approach, helped me to find myself again, to identify that whole frame of beliefs that was so negative, which I had fed since always, and also to build new beliefs and see new alternatives in life.

Her invaluable assistance helped me recognized the value of my being, as a person, executive, friend, wife, daughter, and to love myself just as I AM! I stress the fact that in the process I found many tools to help control my emotions, as well as lowering my levels of depression. I managed to see and accept objectively the barriers that held me back.

Something very beautiful that I value very much about this process is having succeeded in connecting with my TRUE SELF again, and above all with my spirituality, just like making myself responsible of all that limited me, to be able to work through it with love, and like she always says, ONE DAY AT A TIME, understanding that the answers lie within me and that I only depend on myself and on nobody else to get ahead and always be happy.

Today I know that there is still a lot of work to do with myself but unlike before, today I have very valuable tools that strengthen me every time I use them. Today I see myself as someone more flexible, as someone who can take decisions more freely and focus on what really matters to me in this life which is so wonderful!

Thank you María, my friend, you are someone very special in my life.

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