Sofie Adele Muench – Psycoly and Sociology student

Hi, My name is Sofie Adele Muench Reyes, I am a student at the University of Florida class of 2020. Being a dual major in Psychology and Sociology along with having been great at understanding people, their issues and situations, I often found myself content with how I was living life. I have always been a “don’t cry, it won’t resolve it” kind of girl. Having followed that motto my entire life had worked out for me, or at least that is what I believed. By not “crying” for certain situations, memories or events I was able, to an extent, to analyze the issue or situation and act accordingly. Nevertheless, I never expected how strong buried emotions could be once they were let free. Life is messy. There are ups and downs, that is simply how it is. BUT it is up to us to decide how we face those daring moments; worried and scared or with a smile on your face. That is the key Maria reminded me, she helped me understand the power our minds have, for the good and the bad. During the summer of 2017, all hell broke lose for me; relationship problems, stress and anxiety from the university, long work hours, and reminders of previous sad events in my life. Trust me, it was not pretty. My mother recommended I had a session with Maria, just to try it out and see how things would go. I was skeptical, but I gave it a go. From the very first time I met Maria, I felt naked, she could see through all the fake smiles. She saw me, my essence, she made me feel safe. Interestingly enough, each session with Maria is drastically different. Some may want to make you cry and never stop, others will have you chasing your breath after so much laughter, while others will open your mind to a new level of understanding. All in all, that is what Maria does, she does not tell you what your problems are, you know what they are. Neither does she tell you exactly how to fix them; she can’t and won’t because it is your life, not hers. That is the beauty of her gift, she does not teach how to be… she rather reminds you of your own qualities and helps you focus on what is important to you and helps you fight for it.